front lace human reco wig - 24" platinum blonde.

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100% natural human hair.

We only source the best quality hair and have a 99% quality rating since 2013.

get your favorite hairline.

Our front lace wig comes pre-plucked and it allows you to choose your favorite hairline. The lace is only in the front half of the wig, so you can part the hair any way you want, for a perfectly natural look.

free returns & exchanges.

Always! Exchanges and returns are on us, with zero stress and zero charges for you. Expect around 10 business days processing time.

real life testimonials.

about human hair wigs.

  • Change your look in seconds! Easy to apply and easy to style front lace wigs.
  • Irresistible Me wigs are made with high quality 100% human hair. You can dye and style them with hot tools just like your own hair.
  • Our color technology: Irresistible Me Hair is multi-toned so the color looks perfectly natural, just like your real hair.

product specs.


100% Human Hair


Platinum Blonde: our lightest shade of blonde with cool metallic undertones.


24” measured from the top of the head.


150%, 220g



Lace Area

13x4 Front Lace

Lace Type

French Lace


Size 14x14” Perimeter 23” Can be adjusted up to 1.5” with the elastic band in the back


Can be cut, styled, dyed Free part allowed (deep mid, side part or parting of your choice); can be styled in a Half Up Half Down


1 year + with daily wear
Can last 3+ years if worn occasionally and properly cared for

styling tips.

care tips.

how to apply.

  • Step 1: prepping

    Put your hair up close to your scalp and cover it with the wig cap. Ideally, use a mesh cap in a similar shade to the wig’s color.

  • Step 2: securing

    Locate each securing/adjusting strap and try the wig on your head to find the best settings for your comfort.

  • Step 3: installing

    Bring the wig over your head and place it perfectly on your hairline. Fix it in place and secure it with the combs inside the wig cap. Finally, cut the lace and glue the wig to your hairline.

  • Step 4: styling

    Our human hair wigs have a pre-plucked hairline for a natural look and thanks to the front lace, you can part the hair however you like. You can use hot tools to style the hair, just remember to use heat protectant!