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Storage Bag with Hanger

Safe & elegant solution for storing your clip-in hair extensions
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Human Hair
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  • Size 6" x 9" (16 x 23 cm)
  • Color: Black
  • High-end Tight Anti-Slide Wooden Hanger



  • Size: 11" x 24" (29 x 60cm)
  • Color: Black
  • Transparent closure with zipper

The ideal solution for storing your clip-in hair extensions safely.

The black sleek hanger will save precious space while keeping your extensions safe in their gentle and secure clasp. You can hang them anywhere, and you can also use the hanger to air dry or blow dry your extensions.

The elegant black carrier will increase the lifespan of your extensions. It protects the hair while you don’t use the extensions. It prevents tangling, and it keeps the hair safe from dust and moisture. It can hold extensions with lengths up to 24"

Customer Reviews (3)

3 Reviews

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by Ada Bella

My hair extensions just got fancy! This bag is even more elegant than the little black box in which the hair comes in, and that's super cute, too. Now I want to get one for each of my sets, and that might get expensive. Lovely product.

Super useful

by Irene

I use this mainly for blow drying my extensions and it's so cool. I take it with me anywhere I go and need extensions. Makes your life easier when you're a hair extension's fan :)

elegant and functional

by Kim McElroy

It arrived a few days before the extensions. It looks nice and elegant. Once I got the extensions I noticed that it's quite a lot bigger than my 16" extensions, but it looks lovely. I keep the wefts clasped in the hanger when I curl them. I'm very please with this item!

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