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Early Access Black Friday Sale!
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ROYAL REMY Deluxe Clip-in Extensions

The Perfect Accessory for Gorgeous Wedding Day Hair!

Every bride wants to look picture perfect on their wedding day, from the perfect wedding dress to the perfect wedding hairstyle. So, you’ve found your dress, and thought about your other details, but what about your hair?

Hair extensions are becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst brides. While you may have found the perfect updo for your wedding day, your hair might be too fine or not long enough to pull it off. Hair extensions can help add volume, length, texture and/or chemical-free color to any style.

Adding Royal Remy Clip In Extensions can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your hair. You can add them for length, fullness and body without the commitment and price of semi-permanent salon versions. Now you can have the hair of your dreams when you marry the man of your dreams!

Royal Remy is our deluxe line of clip-in hair extensions. These extensions are of the highest quality and have 100% natural extra soft and fine hair, giving them the feel of European hair. You can wear them straight, roller set or curl with curling iron to give it an extra bounce and body for your special day. Best of all, hair extensions will have you looking beautiful on your wedding day, but last through your honeymoon and beyond. They are comfortable to wear and are undetectable.

Don’t spend months waiting around for your hair to grow out to have long hair on your wedding day! Get gorgeous Royal Remy clip-in hair extensions for a fabulous look.





Before your wedding

When is the best time for me to get my extensions put in?
We recommend that you purchase Irresistible Me hair extensions at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding day. This will give enough time to prepare the ideal extension type to suit you and even trial your chosen hairstyle with extensions before your big day.

Will my Irresistible Me hair extensions be noticeable?
Our extensions are available in many different colors; we can also customize them for you and match them to your natural hair color. Irresistible Me hair extensions blend so perfectly that not even your fiancé will be able to distinguish them from your own hair.

Hair styling

On your wedding day

I want to have an up-do, will my extensions show through?
Our extensions are applied in small sectioned strands and not large wefts or clip-ins, eliminating the visible bump that other extensions create. Also, our clips are very thin, making them invisible. Whether you are aiming for a casual, modern or traditional look, Irresistible Me allows you the freedom to style the hair as if it were your own.


Happily ever after

How long after my wedding day will my extensions last?
With regular maintenance, your extensions will last six to nine months. Because our hair is never exposed to harmful chemicals, your extensions will keep the same shine and feel as the day you first got them.

Are they easy to maintain?
Our extensions are almost as easy to maintain as your natural hair. So if you are going on a tropical honeymoon, you can wear your hair up, down, style and even swim with them.

Will Irresistible Me hair extensions damage my hair?
God forbid, no! Unlike other semi-permanent solutions, our clip-in hair extensions will allow you to insert and remove your extensions with absolutely no damage to your hair.

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