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Winter Holiday Hairstyles with Extensions

by Alice on December 04, 2020

Whether it’s a cozy get together or an elegant party, the winter holidays call for good outfits and gorgeous hairstyles. If you want to create a unique hairdo for Christmas or New Year’s eve, human hair extensions will give you volume and also length so you can make an unforgettable appearance. 

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We’ve put together a list of our favorite festive hairstyles with remy human hair, so you can choose whatever best suits your party plans!

Cascading waves

Clip in human hair extensions add a lot of volume so you can be sure that everyone will notice your curls. Depending on how formal the party you’re attending is, you could try relaxed waves cascading on your back or go for something upscale like old Hollywood glamour.

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For an easy Christmas hairstyle just choose the perfect set of clip ins, get them applied, spray them with heat protectant and start curling with a curling or a flat iron. You can opt for tight or loose waves, they are very easy to create and you can even enhance the natural hair extensions by teasing the hair to get that big glam look.

Half up, half down hairstyles

This look is extremely easy to achieve and it adds a flirty, sweet touch to any Christmas hairstyle. It has the best from both worlds and it works great if you enhance the volume of your natural hair by adding a set of your best clip in hair extensions.

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Go for relaxed Christmas hairdo ideas by putting the top part of your hair in a ponytail and try embellishing it with a cute hair bow that will make you think of wrapped gifts or choose a more elaborate look with clip ins where you braid the top part of your hair. Cute or demure, these half up, half down festive hairstyles with clip hair will definitely turn heads!

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Updos with hair extensions

Christmas themed hair only gets better with real hair clip ins. They will give you the extra volume you need to create amazing updos. There are a myriad of ways in which you can put up your hair, just let your imagination run free!

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If you want to go for cute hairstyles for New Year’s Eve, you can simply put your hair in a top knot or create a Christmas hair bun with remy hair. If you’re going to a fancy party and you’re feeling these Christmas hairdo ideas with human clip in hair extensions are too casual, you can always add some hair jewelry for that wow factor.

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Braided hairstyles

Braided hair is the epitome of elegance if you’re searching for New Year’s hairstyle ideas with clip in hair extensions. Braids can be done in many ways and each style can be turned into amazing Christmas braids by adding human hair wefts in the mix.

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We suggest leaving behind the casual pigtails and classic three-strand braids and going for more intricate braids with extensions like fishtail, dutch or even crown braids that will elevate your look and guarantee your best Christmas hairstyles will turn all the heads at the party!

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Holiday party hair tips & tricks

  • Use hair accessories - this is the time to load up on extravagant hair pins or elegant hair ties that will emphasize your amazing New Year’s eve hair extensions!
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  • Use natural embellishments - mistletoe, pine wreaths and other seasonal accessories are ideal for decorating your Christmas party hair with extensions and setting the mood for the best Christmas themed hairstyles!
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  • Try out fun hair accessories - t’is the time to be jolly, so why not have even more fun with cool Christmas hairstyles with extensions topped off with funky hairpieces that you can create yourself!
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The festive season is all about feeling great and looking the part, so trust that clip in extensions will give you that boost of confidence that will light up the party once you show up!

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by IrresistibleMe on January 18, 2021

CRISTA – Indeed, nothing beats simplicity and the use of special wintery elements definitely make for an amazing Xmas hairdo!

by Crista on January 18, 2021

Literally the easiest and most spectacular hairdo this year – a full set of your Royal extensions that I curled and I just added some mistletoe: perfection!!

by IrresistibleMe on January 18, 2021

PIPPA – So glad we could be of service! We’re happy you decided to go with our extensions for such beautiful occassions!

by Pippa on January 18, 2021

This article was so helpful, I really didn’t know what to do for Christmas & NY’s eve but I knew for sure I wanted to use my IM extensions so this was spot on!!! Congrats!


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