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How to Pick the Perfect Color of Hair Extensions

by Alice on February 14, 2020

And How We Can Help You With That

Picking the right color of hair extensions is the most important step in getting a natural, flawless look. Although it might seem like a daunting process, especially when you look at colors online, matching the colored hair extensions to your own color is really not that hard. Besides we have a lot of tips to help you in your journey towards amazing hair.


Our complete guide to color matching your hair extensions comes with 4 easy tips to help you find the perfect color:


  1. Watch the video above to see all the colors that we carry. This video offers an in-depth look at each shade and will help you understand the similarities and differences between all the available shades;
  2. Carefully read this article for a detailed description of all hair extension colors and many tips on how to choose the perfect shade for you;
  3. Order our color ring to compare the swatches to your own hair color;
  4. If neither of these options work for you and you are not sure you can make the right choice on your own, we are more than happy to help you pick the correct color via e-mail.

Irresistible Me hair extensions colors, color range for clip in hair extensions, how to choose the color of your hair extensions

What happens if you missed the tips above and already ordered a color that you're not sure is the right one? This is where the tester piece comes into play. The tester piece is a 2 clip weft that comes in a separate section of the packaging so you can check the color match and the hair quality. You can take it out and easily compare it with your own color before committing to the entire set (IrresistibleMe has a 30-day return policy if the color is not a match, so no worries there).

Irresistible Me hair extensions colors, how to choose the perfect color for your extensions

Preliminary steps


The first step in choosing a hair extensions color is to find the hair color group you belong to.

Human hair extensions are colored using a multi-tonal adapting technique. This means that lighter and darker strands of the same color (basically high-lights and low-lights) are combined to ensure perfect blendingdepth and dimension. This guarantees that the final color will work with a wider range of the same shade. 

You will fall under one of the following categories of hair colors:


 Dark Colors 

#1 Jet Black (0:06 in the video) - this color is the darkest shade of black that we carry. This pure black comes with a cool blue undertone.

Irresistible Me jet black hair extensions, how to pick the right hair extensions color

#1b Natural Black (0:16 in the video) - natural shade of black with warm brown undertones. If your black hair gets very dark brown hints under the sunlight then this color is the right match for you.

Irresistible Me natural black hair extensions, picking the right color for your hair extensions

#2 Chocolate Brown (0:35 in the video) - the darkest shade of brown we carry with a slight hint of red undertones. The combination of warm red and cool brown undertones creates a rich brown shade that works great with dark-tone brown hair colors. 

Irresistible Me chocolate brown hair extensions, how to match the color of your hair extensions

Medium Colors 

#4 Medium Brown (0:55 in the video) warm mid-tone brown with red undertones. If your hair color is not quite as dark as Chocolate Brown but it's still a dark shade of brown, then this rich and full color is likely the one for you. 

Irresistible Me medium brown hair extensions, picking the right color for your hair extensions

#6 Light Brown (1:14 in the video) - the lightest brown we carry, with a mix of red and gold undertones seamlessly blended together; easy to match with multiple light-brown colors. 

Irresistible Me light brown hair extensions, how to choose the color of your hair extensions

Light Colors

#10 Ash Blonde (1:41 in the video) - this is the darkest shade of blonde we carry and the only cold blonde form our range. Multi-tonal ash undertones make this shade look very natural. 

Irresistible Me ash blonde hair extensions, how to choose the right color of hair extensions

#14 Golden Blonde (2:03 in the video) - warm blonde with multi-tonal golden undertones. This color blend matches a variety of natural gold blonde hair colors.

Irresistible Me golden blonde hair extensions, blonde hair extensions, how to choose the right blonde hair extensions

#28 Honey Blonde (2:25 in the video) - pure golden blonde color with rich honey hues. Perfect for bright blonde hair colors. 

Irresistible Me honey blonde hair extensions, picking the right blonde shade for your extensions

#613 Platinum Blonde (2:42 in the video) - golden tone blond with yellow accents. Similar to Honey Blonde but with more cool, neutral undertones. A light shade of blonde, not completely platinum.

Irresistible Me platinum blonde hair extensions, choosing the right blonde color for your hair extensions

#60 White Blonde (2:59 in the video) - cool-toned blonde color with white/silver undertones. The lightest shade of blonde, which is great for icy blonde hair colors.

Irresistible Me white blonde hair extensions, how to pick the right color for your hair extensions

Red Colors

#33 Ginger (3:06 in the video) - multi-tonal, rich auburn color. A bold color with copper undertones that come to life in the sunlight.

Irresistible Me ginger hair extensions, best red hair extensions, how to choose the color for your hair extensions

#130 Light Red (3:14 in the video) - a bright red shade with warm copper tones and rich red hues. This fiery color will blend well with most natural red hair colors. 

Irresistible Me light red, how to choose the right red color for your extensions

#99J Rosewood (3:23 in the video) - a deep burgundy with rich purple undertones. This is the darkest shade from the Red colors category and is guaranteed to turn heads.

Irresistible Me rosewood hair extensions, how to match the color of your hair extensions

The next step is to focus on the tone of your hair color: warm or cold. Always take into consideration the undertones of your natural hair when choosing the right shade of color. The undertones of your own hair should complement the undertones of the extensions.

Your skin tone can also be a guide, as warm or cold hues complement different types of skin colors. For warm skin tones choose natural hair extensions with a rich golden or red base and for cool skin tones choose extensions with a neutral or blue base.


Professional tip 

Match the color of the hair extensions to the ends of your hair, not the roots. Why? Because your own hair will sit on top of the extensions and they need to blend perfectly together at the bottom. Also, your roots will always have a darker color then your tips, so avoid choosing the color of your roots for your clip-ins or tape-ins, as they will never blend in nicely with the tips of your hair.

how to choose the right color of hair extensions, picking the right hair extensions color

      If you want to see the colors before making a purchase you can always order a color ring, which can be helpful to easily find the best color match for you. 

      Irresistible Me color ring, how to pick the right color for your hair extensions, hair extensions colors

      Last but not least, our team of experts is more than happy to assist you in choosing the best possible color and line of hair extensions for you. 

      hair extensions colors, how to pick the right shade for your hair extensions

       What we need from you is the following:


      1. Take a few photos of your hair in the best natural light and make sure there are no filters or edits.
      2. Email us the photos and all other questions you have. 

      Our team will get back to you with an answer in no time and they will also help you decide on the best length. 

      picking the right shade for your hair extensions, how to choose the perfect color for your extensions

      Whether you are confident that you can find the best option by yourself or you prefer having a little help, remember to have fun when choosing your hair extensions color and count on us if you need help with anything! You can always reach us at

      by IrresistibleMe on August 07, 2020

      ARU – We’re always happy to have feedback and yours just made our day! Thank you and enjoy your hair extensions!

      by Aru on August 05, 2020

      Awesome collection of hair extensions. I love all.

      by IrresistibleMe on February 21, 2020

      @Angela – If you want to custom-dye your hair extensions, we recommend getting the lightest shades of blonde – especially the White Blonde or Platinum Blonde, as it will serve as a clean slate for your dying process. If you color them multiple times, don’t forget to show them some love and use some color-protect treatments to ensure that they don’t lose their shine and strength.

      by Angela on February 21, 2020

      I often change my hair color… Not sure which shade to pick from the blondes so I can dye them!

      by IrresistibleMe on February 19, 2020

      MARY – Our Platinum Blonde is a light shade of blonde with yellow accents, but if you already opened the package and can’t return it, we recommend toning the extensions with purple shampoo. The purple will cut into the brassiness of the yellow and will render the color more neutral and hence, closer to a whiter blonde. Hope this helps, let us know how it went!

      by MARY on February 19, 2020

      I ordered the wrong color!!! Thought the Platinum Blonde was whiter, but it doesn’t suit my hair color, what now?!

      by IrresistibleMe on February 18, 2020

      TANYA LU – First of all, we’re so happy to hear that you’re pleased with our product! And secondly, YES, you can custom-dye your hair extensions so that they perfectly match your hair color. We don’t recommend bleaching them from a dark color to a lighter one, as they’re 100% real remy human hair, so they react as your hair would to the bleach… But otherwise, you can always color them darker to make them blend with your natural hair, or you could always opt for a balayage/ombre look!

      by Tanya Lu on February 18, 2020

      I can’t believe I can customize the color of my extensions to match my hair! Are you sure you can dye them whatever color?! I don’t want to ruin them, I really love them but the color is off…

      by IrresistibleMe on February 17, 2020

      LILY – Thank you for your interest in our color ring! The samples on it are 100% the same colors and quality as the hair extensions we sell, so we encourage you to order it and see what shade suits you best! And if you’re still anxious about ordering the right color, don’t be shy and write to our experts at – they will guide you through so that you end up buying the perfect color!

      by Lily on February 17, 2020

      Are you sure I can order the right shade from your color ring? I’m afraid the colors will be off?


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