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How to: Ponytail with Extensions

by Astrid on March 26, 2021

Thinking of taking your hairstyle to the next level? The secret to creating any great hairdo and an easy way to elevate any hairstyle is by using remy hair extensions. Clip ins can be used to create a wide range of fabulous styles, but the one hairdo that looks great on everyone and that you can count on to get you through any situation is the ponytail. If you’ve never tried using your clip in human hair extensions to create a ponytail and are wondering if a ponytail with extensions is even a possibility, the answer is: absolutely!

If you’re already a fan of this hairstyle, but you are never 100% satisfied with the look of your ponytail, adding clip in extensions will change the way you feel. Just by strategically placing some clip in hair, you’ll be able to transform a lifeless ponytail into a thick, long, bouncy one that you can sport anytime. If you want to learn how to make a ponytail with extensions keep reading!

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Before moving on and learning how to do a ponytail with extensions be sure to have the following items:


  • your amazing set of 100 remy human hair extensions
  • a thin tail comb for when you need to section off your hair
  • a teasing brush
  • hair ties and bobby pins (or any other accessories you may want to add)
  • hairspray

Now it’s just a matter of following a few easy steps to ensure that the final look - the ponytail with extensions - is flawless:


Step 1: Preparing the hair

Make sure to thoroughly brush the set of virgin remy hair extensions as well as your own hair. It will be a much easier task to style the ponytail if the hair is smooth and knots free.

Step 2: Sectioning and applying the wefts

If you’re a fan of a low ponytail, you can start by applying your human hair wefts as you normally would, following the steps in this article on how to put in clip in hair extensions and then just pull all the hair back and tie it up.

But if what you’re aiming for is a high pony, then you need to change the way you apply the wefts and learn how to put hair extensions into a ponytail. Start by sectioning off your hair about halfway and brush the upper part towards your face, while tipping your head down. Gently tease the roots and apply a small quantity of hairspray to make sure that the clips have a strong hold on your hair. Take a human hair extensions weft and clip it in the same direction that your hair would normally go when you are putting it in a ponytail - you basically have to clip the weft upside down. This way the wefts will not create any lumps and they will not pull your hair.

Repeat this process with as many wefts as you want depending on how thick you want the ponytail to be, and don't forget to tease the roots before each application. Once you’re done clipping in all the wefts you feel you need, make a final section just bellow the so-called ‘safe zone’ - which is the top of your head, an imaginary border where no clips will be attached and tease the hair making sure you have enough to cover all the clip in extensions. One more step and you've learned how to do a ponytail with clip in extensions. 

Step 3: Creating the ponytail

Now that all the human hair wefts are clipped in, gently run your fingers through all the hair and pull it back into a ponytail, just as you normally would. Tie it in place with a hair elastic and if you want to cover that up, use a strand of hair to wrap around the hair tie and then use a bobby pin to secure it under your pony.

Step 4: Adding the finishing touches

Now that you learned how to do a ponytail with extensions the next step is to choose the look you want: if you’re looking for a sleek look, brush all the loose strands and secure them with bobby pins, then use some hairspray to keep them in place. If it’s a messy ponytail you’re after, gently tug at the hair around the elastic, to loosen it in order to give it a more unfinished look. You can always use heat styling tools to give your hair a little wave or perfectly straighten it out and add as many accessories as you like!

Just to give you some more ideas on how to do a ponytail with hair extensions, we made a selection of our favourites, with a few tips and tricks to help you achieve them:

The Wrap Ponytail (or bun)

Once your ponytail is secured, start wrapping it around the hair tie until it creates a bun. Make sure to secure the ends with bobby pins and apply some hairspray to keep everything in its place. You can add a scarf or other accessories to go with it!

The Fishtail Pony

After clipping in your human hair extensions and securing the ponytail with a hair tie, take a small section from the left side to the right side and then redo this step with the right side crossing the left. Repeat the process all through up to the end of the braid. You can pull on the edges to make the braid fuller.

The Low Ponytail

This is a style that requires fewer wefts and dexterity. Start by creating a ponytail from your own hair as a base, leaving a section of hair loose on top. Take a few human hair extensions wefts and clip them wrapped around the hair tie, to create more volume. Once you are okay with the number of used wefts, brush the rest of the hair and tie it in together with the long ponytail extension that you created.

long ponytail extension, human hair ponytail extension, straight ponytail extension

Ponytails are timeless and they come in many shapes and sizes but once you add some clip in hair extensions into the mix they will truly become your new favorite go-to hairstyle. It is comfortable and chic for everyday wear, but you can also transform it into a piece of art for special occasions! One ponytail with extensions, so many possibilities!


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