how to blend extensions with thin hair

how to blend extensions with thin hair in 3 steps.

super quick tutorial!

Diversity is essential, so we designed extensions for all types of hair (including fine/thin), to make sure everyone can get longer, bigger hair with zero stress, zero damage transformation. Here's how to get your 'just irresistible' look!

step 1: choose the right base.

After selecting your hair goals ( texture, length/volume), you can now pick the base of your new clip-ins. Want a stress-free, risk free transformation? Go for our Invisible base.

The silicone band they come with is 50% thinner than the regular base, which will allow the hair extensions to lay flat on your head. They will not be visible at all and they feel light when clipped in.

step 2: bigger wefts first, smaller wefts after.

Start clipping in the 3 and 4-clip wefts first, to add the most volume to the back of your head. It is important to place the hair pieces for thin hair in strategic areas, so they look natural and blend in with your natural hair.

step 3: add the smaller wefts and style.

Continue by clipping the 1 and 2-clip wefts on the sides of your head. Make sure the weight is correctly distributed and that the wefts are well-positioned to cover your entire head.

Brush all the hair and straighten or curl it to make sure that the hair pieces for thin hair and your own hair match in texture and style.

Your best hair made easy now with these stress-free, risk-free 3 steps!
Be sure to also check out more video tutorials on our YT channel!



I have thin hair but I mostly like to wear it in a ponytail or bun, won’t the extensions show through if I put my hair up?


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