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Halloween Hairstyles with Extensions

by Alice on October 29, 2020

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all eager to try out new fun costumes and stunning new hairstyles. The inspiration is endless, but what never fails to give you that much needed base for amazing Halloween hairstyles are human hair extensions. They add all the length and volume you need to create any Halloween themed hairstyles in just a matter of minutes. What’s even better about clip in hair extensions is that they are commitment free, so you can revert instantly from your perfect Halloween hairdos to your day-to-day style with zero damage done to your real hair.  

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If you want to create some crazy hair ideas for Halloween with clip hair we’ve put together a list of our favorite looks, so check it out and choose whatever suites you best!

Disney characters

One of many girls go to Halloween costume ideas is that of a princess and there’s really no better selection thanDisney princess. Coming from different races and backgrounds, there’s one for each of us and there’s no better time than Halloween to go out as your favorite one!

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You can go with a luxurious ponytail with extensions like Belle or with an updo with extensions like Cinderella. If you decide to go for a princess look remember that real hair extensions will give you the length and volume you absolutely need for jumbo braids like Rapunzel’s, Elsa’s or Jasmine’s. Just apply your best clip in extensions and half of the costume is done!

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Movie characters

There are quite a few movie characters that are by now iconic and they range from TV shows to old movies, to superhero flicks. One of our all-time favorites are the Addams Family women and this is actually a great costume idea for a mother-daughter Halloween look! You can choose to sport two braids with extensions like Wednesday or go for a full cascading look that showcases your best clip in hair extensions like Morticia.

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If you’re feeling less old school and want to tap into the more modern Halloween hairstyles for long hair we suggest going for the epic Khaleesi Halloween hair braids. Braids with extensions are like peanut butter and jelly - they do wonders together - so add a set of remy clip in hair extensions and put your braiding skills to the test!

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Fantasy characters

Halloween is the perfect time to add a touch of magic with some scary hairstyles. You can never go wrong with easy witch hairstyles or Halloween vampire hairstyles - super long, luscious locks that are so easily achievable with the help of human clip in hair extensions. Another great Halloween updo that only gets better if you add some clip ins is the galaxy look that you can get by creating some space buns! These are only a few of the scary hairstyles for Halloween where you can easily incorporate remy human hair to get the best results, but the costume ideas are virtually endless, so go ahead and put your own fantasy out there!

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All celebrities looks are simply amazing because they always have the best in terms of hair, make-up and wardrobe. While the latter can be easily recreated for a last minute Halloween costumes, the hair is crucial in nailing the final look. What will grant you the 100% celebrity vibe is the use of 100 human hair extensions. Just remember to have fun, just like they do when they choose their Halloween costumes!

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Are you craving Ariana Grande’s oversized pony or Beyonce’s voluptuous curls? Look no further than human remy hair and you’ll have the desired results guaranteed. The styles you can emulate with the help of clip in hair pieces are endless, so figure out if you want to channel Amy Winehouse with her enormous beehive or Zendaya’s tight curls - we know you’ll be rocking any style you choose! 

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The great part about dressing up for Halloween is that you can be virtually whomever or whatever you want. Harness that girl power by channeling comic book superheroes like Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Storm etc or go for a classic Batman character that you cannot go wrong with. Whether you choose to go as a classic superhero or as a comic book villain, you can be sure you will sport a cool Halloween hairstyle by adding a set of natural hair clip ins to up your hair game. As long as you’re having fun in the process, your Halloween with hair extensions presence will be unforgettable!

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Bonus tips & tricks

Adding colored wefts to your hair will give the chosen character more authenticity without causing any damage to your real hair. Think about the awesome Cruella you’ll be impersonating by using some white clip in hair or about the extraterrestrial vibes that vibrant colored clip highlights can add to your alien costume hairstyle!

updos with hair extensions, clip in colored hair extensions, blonde highlight clip in hair extensions

Accessories are your best friend when putting together the best Halloween costumes. Pile up on the ones that best relate to your chosen character and that help emphasize the holiday hair extensions that you’re boasting in order to create the perfect creepy hairstyles. Add spider or butterfly clips here and there to spice up your simple Halloween hairstyles, add real flowers for classic looks like Day of the Dead Girls or go for intricate details like special crafted tiaras and veils that help your character come to life.

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Whether you’re the type of girl who goes for the crazy Halloween hairstyles or you’re a classic princess, hairstyles for Halloween costumes are always more impactful when you add a lot of length and volume with remy human hair extensions. Be sure to have a memorable look as well as a memorable night with Halloween hair extensions!

by IrresistibleMe on December 04, 2020

DARKLYNN – We’re so happy to hear that our extensions helped you get the perfect look for Halloween! Truth be told, you can never go wrong with long, black clip ins if you want that Morticia look and we’re sure you nailed it perfectly!

by Darklynn on December 04, 2020

I actually went as Morticia and used y’all clips to get super shiny suuuper long hair to match my slinky dress. It was a huge success, totally nailed it due to the hair and I wasn’t afraid that it will show like with wearing a wig I’m always afraid I’ll lose it haha

by IrresistibleMe on December 04, 2020

BARBARA – We’re so sorry you missed our article on Halloween hair with extensions, but we’re sure that next year you’ll be super prepared to knock everyone’s socks off! Can’t wait to see what hairstyle you’ll come up with ;)

by Barbara on December 04, 2020

Can’t believe I missed out on this article before Halloween and went with a basic hairstyle!!! I bookmarked it now for next year, will totally rock one of these looks!!

by IrresistibleMe on October 20, 2020

ALISON – We’re so happy that you are this pleased with our extensions! We’re glad we could be of use both for practical reasons and for aesthetic ones. Keep on enjoying longer, fuller hair with our extensions!

by Alison Lombardo on October 14, 2020

Best extensions for people looking for extensions who are loosing there hair do to medication or some other reason? They’re very easy to put in as well!!! Wouldn’t trade them for anything or another brand!!!!


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