5 tips on how to take care of your hair extensions.

5 tips on how to take care of your hair extensions.


Whether you are choosing our clip-in extensions or you are simply in love with your tape-in hair extensions, these 5 tips will help you enjoy luscious, just irresistible volume at its best and prolong your extensions' lifespan.




Before and after each wear it is key to brush both your natural hair and the clip-in or tape-ins. Always start from the bottom part moving up to the clips part. 

Make sure you go gentle, so that the hair will stay soft and silky.

A wide toothed comb or a special detangling brush and a leave-in conditioner will definitely make the job easier and ensure the best results.


less is more.



Try using quality products, in smaller amounts, for styling and protecting your clip-ins.

This will prevent the extensions from drying out. Hair spray, mousse, gel and other beauty products tend to weigh down your clip-in extensions and make them look dull and unhealthy.




While styling and protecting your tape-ins, try using quality products, in smaller amounts along your hair length, away from the tapes. Hair spray, mousse and other beauty products tend to weigh down or get mixed in with your tape-in extensions, making them look dull or tangled.

Your best friend? The heat protectant. Always use it prior to applying heat to your extensions and your own hair, whether it’s a blow dryer, hair straightener or curling iron. Get the temperature up to a max 120⁰/250F, for zero-damage use.




Last, but not least, if you prefer to change their color, go for darker tones or coloring shampoos, which will not require bleach. The harsh chemicals used to bleach hair will irreparably damage your extensions, making them dry and prone to breakage.


active and just irresistible.


While it’s best to avoid using clip-in hair extensions while swimming or working out, if you prefer to rock a stylish hair-do, try using the ponytail clip-ins, which are super easy to add in and remove after a workout.

To enjoy a day at the pool or seaside while wearing your clip-ins, simply use a swimming cap, which protects them from harmful effects of salt and chlorine and will keep them safe during a swimming session.




To keep your tape-in hair extensions as safe as possible while working out, if you prefer to rock a stylish hair-do, try wrapping your hair up using a scarf or headband. This will help absorb the amount of sweat that would normally accumulate on the tapes. Plus, bandanas and head scarves are the it accessories of this summer!

To enjoy a lap at the pool or at the beach, protect your tape-ins by using a swimming cap, which will keep the hair from the damaging effects of salt, chlorine and UV rays.


wash and go(ld).


The golden rule to prolonging the lifespan of your extensions is washing them only when needed. Together with an organic, sulfate free shampoo or conditioner, the clip-in extensions will always look top notch!


store with care.


When you take your clip in human hair extensions out, be sure to deposit them in a clean box, large enough for them to fit uncluttered, away from direct sunlight. Check out our new packaging, which is the perfect storage container! Another great hack is to clip them on a hanger. This way they will have a natural position, just as if they were attached to your hair, which will keep them from tangling.



Pro tip for your clip-ins: Show your favorite clip-ins some love by wrapping them in a silk scarf before depositing them in their box. Silk is great as it keeps the hair soft, moisturized, free of tangles and it prevents any dust particles from setting on the hair strands.




Pro tip for your tape-ins: When you don't use them, wrap their end with a ribbon and put them on a hanger. This way, gravity will make them hang naturally, just as if they were attached to your hair, which will keep them from tangling! Also, don't let your hair grow too much between reapplications. Set a refresh to your tapes every 4-8 weeks, to avoid slippage. 


Check out more articles on our blog for achieving a just Irresistible hair in a stress-free, risk free and zero damage way!



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