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7 reasons why you should try hair extensions

Are Clip In Hair Extensions really something you should try at least once in your life? Here are 7 reasons we think you should give them a try:

1. Totally safe for your hair

When hair extensions are applied and removed correctly, there is virtually no reason why they would ever damage your hair. Unlike other types of extensions (glued, sewn in), Clip In Hair Extensions will leave your scalp breath; they don’t generate any hair loss, that’s just a myth!

2. All hair options, finally accessible

We all get either bored or stuck with the same hairstyle for long periods of time. Even the coolest of haircuts can get old after a while. The beauty of temporary hair extension is they can be used to alternate between looks: long hair, medium hair, curls, waves, ponytails – everything you want, really.

3. Easy to apply and take off

Clip In Hair Extensions are perfect even for those of us who aren’t hair experts or don’t have a hair stylist at their beck and call.

They are so easy to put in; literally anybody can do it without any training.

4. Great price/lifespan ratio

Clip In Hair Extensions can last a while when properly taken care of (anywhere from 6 to 1 year, even more depending on how much or little you wear them), they are definitely not a onetime thing.

Keeping in mind the average hair extension prices for the different types of hair extensions, natural clip in hair extensions are the best long term investment, while also being very low-maintenance and easy to use.

5. An instant boost of confidence

Just like a really nice outfit, great hair will make you feel like a million bucks and give you the confidence to do anything you want. Happiness does come from inside, but having movie star hair will surely help too. Life is definitely easier for girls with beautiful hair!

6. Radical hair color and hairstyle changes that are fast, temporary and safe

Clip In Hair Extensions are perfect to experiment with (colorful highlights, dip dyed tips, ombre or balayage) and avoid actually coloring or damaging your own hair. You can try out things you wouldn’t otherwise without making it permanent or harming your hair.

7. They can be styled anyway you want

Human Clip In Hair Extensions can be curled, cut, colored and washed just like your own hair. You can use hot tools and style them for the perfect blending with your hair.

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