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Silky Natural Black (#1b)

Full head set with tapered ends for a casual, natural and affordable look.

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What you need to know

Silky Touch is our best-selling line. These 100% Remy human hair extensions are fantastic quality for a friendly price and can be very easily washed, heat styled, cut and colored to blend in your hair perfectly.

The thickness of the hair decreases slightly towards the ends just like normal hair does which will provide a completely natural look while wearing them. 

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The Silky Touch extensions are perfect for anybody who loves adding a bit of volume and/or length to their hair occasionally or for special events and offer the best quality/price ratio on the market

If you’re just starting with hair extensions and you want something great, the Silky Touch clip-in hair extensions are the way to go. Each set is composed of 10, 8 or 7 pieces of different widths depending on the weight you choose, purposely adapted to cover your head all around. 


100% Indian Remy human hair extensions


  • 200 g sets (10 pieces) - 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5"), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6"), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4"), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2")
  • 140 g sets (8 pieces) - 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5"), 3 pcs of 3 clips (6"), 2 pcs of 2 clips (4"), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2")
  • 100 g sets (7 pieces) - 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5"), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6"), 2 pcs of 2 clips (4"), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2")

Type / Color / Texture: Clip-ins / #1b / Straight

    Customer Reviews (40)

    40 Reviews

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    Silky touch 14in 100g 1b

    by Anadirsia

    I purchased this hair because it was a "sale". I got this hair for $67,well $77 once checked out. Not bad. I've see all these review on you tube so I wanted to try it for my self.
    Main reason was that I didn't want to be doing glue in because it brakes my hair and I don't have money or time for sewin (installment plus hair) also beauty supply clip in are good for hair the first week and kinda pricey for cheap hair and I was done with making my own clip in-yes is cheaper but too much time consuming.

    I place this order on July 29,2016 and it arrived August 2,2016. Is came in my mailbox. So delivery was fast. Happy for that. (I live in nyc)

    It did came with shedding from the sides (not happy) as I brushed it and ran my fingers through asked when u flat iron the hair
    Each track is super thin and the 4clip as well (don't know if is due to the grams I got)
    the 7clips aren't enough for my hair to complet the full look I would have needed 2 more tracks
    When I washed it, it dyed the water black idky

    color match perfectly
    Once applied it's smooth very natural looking and feels
    Not heavy only head or hair
    Clips has perfect grip. I have thin short hair no need of teasing the roots
    Hold curl very good
    Gets curly I applies water moose hair spary and I scrunched it nice soft brachytherapy natural curls
    Get straight in 2 passes
    The heat like real hair
    Has a bounce to it. When I walk or run I feel the bounciness
    I recommend this hair. Super affordable and good quality


    by sara.elaboubi1994

    I had seen an advertisement on television one day I'm the type of girl that would buy 3-4 bundles but hate spending hundreds of dollars then have to back track and then pay some one to install it and plus ITS TOO HOT to be wearing bundles in 90-100 type of degree weather. I ordered my clip ins got the 14 in just to try and see what they were about the processing seem like it too forever but so far as shipping it was quick. When I received the hair I actually like the hair needed a trim here and there but overall it was thick and average my hair is pretty long so people's couldn't tell unless I told them but I will be ordering asap with an longer inch maybe different type of brand

    Biker Chica

    by Anna

    These extensions are totally bad ass! I had long hair but wanted some volume because I ride a motorcycle and my braids would always look super thin and I wanted thick braids. So, I paid the big money to have glued in extensions and despite being told that my hair wouldn't get damaged, it did. Not only did I lose hair but I lost about three inches of length! So I decided to try these extensions and they are AWESOME! I took them in to my salon to have my color matched and all of the stylists were telling me that they had never seen such soft and healthy looking extensions. I put them in with some variation -- if going out, I put all of them in for a fuller, sexy look. If I'm putting them in braids to ride my motorcyle, I will only use the 4-clip and 3-clip extensions, braid them in, tighten my bandana good and GO! Love these and will be buying more, as needed.

    24 inch silky natural black

    by khg23

    Quick and easy to purchase as well as surprisingly fast delivery! Great quality, durable, and easy to work with!

    14in, 100g, #1b - GOOD!

    by Alma

    I got the extensions today and I am happy with my extensions. The hair was shedding a lot, I was brushing gently, but it has stopped shedding as much. The Color is perfect. People could not tell that it was not my hair. the 100g is perfect for a natural look. I was surprised at how much hair there was. IT blended so well. The reason I got 14 in 100 g was because I have shoulder length hair, thin hair. This is more than enough hair. The clips are great, even for my thin hair and my moms thin hair, they grab a good hold, very secure. I even pulled on them a little to test. Overall, so far, I am happy at the first impression of the hair. There was no foul smell, but i did smell a faint chemical smell. For the price, its great. I bought the extensions for $59 (sans shipping.) We will see how the extensions hold up as I plan to make an entire review of the hair in a few months. email me here for questions: dr4wm34sh33p@outlook.com. I was not sponsored or sent these for a review. I paid my own hard earned money.

    My only complaint was the processing took 9 days. Once the order was shipped, it was only about 4 days.
    Customer support was good, but I wish they had a call center.

    Love love love

    by bossladii121

    I absolutely love this product! They look and feel natural! Very little shedding! Great quality!!! I love my new silky touch clip in extensions!!! I will be re-purchasing other products from irresistible me in the future! ❤️❤️❤️

    14" 1b

    by Barracklaodecea22

    The price was reasonable but for what I heard about them I was kind of disappointed when I got them. They were really wispy at the ends I would have to put in all 10 pieces just for them to look kind of normal.

    I love them I give 5

    by Anamaria

    Hy I order my estension silky 18, 200gram color #1b end there are soo soft end soo full. I love them the color is nice my color is light but I think the preis ist ok today I received the package and I Wait 2weeks too get but when I seem them I now that s not the company gilts. Kiss

    in love

    by hanan.alnuaimi

    its so beautiful i will order more soon :)

    Silky 1B Very Pretty

    by nbrown7988

    I installed my extensions for the first time today. I found the color to be spot on. The hair is very pretty & blends with my own quite nicely. I ordered 16"; 140gm to give volume to my own hair which is about that length but thinning due to medication.
    I would have been totally pleased, and given a 5 except that 1-3 clip & 2-1 clip were quite a bit shorter than the others, and the 3-clip was pretty thin & skimpy. Because of that I really would have given a 3 1/2 but that was not available, and I do think this rates higher than a 3.

    14 inches silky

    by maura

    I must say that after a few hiccups with the shipment and then the delivery I absolutely love these extensions by far some of the better quality I've tried and they are not even the royal remy which by the wasy I can't wait to try!

    Prefer Royal Remy version

    by ML

    I had previously bought 2 set of Royal Remys in different colors but then dyed my hair black. I purchased this set of Silky Touch because of price. If I didn't know how good the Royal Remys were, I might like this set, but there just isn't much comparison. I wish I would have spent the extra money this time. The color is good. The hair quality is alot different. For the price, I wasn't expecting them to be the same, but didn't think they be so different. Even the construction wasn't done as well. They don't feel the same. This makes me sad, as I have LOVED both sets of Royal Remys, they replaced my Luxy brand ones as my favorite kind. The one good thing about either type from Irresistable Me is the quad weft for the back of your head. I would have returned after opening sample piece, but I had an event that I needed long hair for and wouldn't have time for an exchange. The clips on these aren't even the same, the ones on the Royal Remy hold alot better. I'm sorry for the bad review, but I wanted to be hmonRemyss.ys instead.I should have gotten the Royal Remy line, they are worth the extra money! If this is your 1st set, then they might be ok, otherwise I highly recommend the Royal Remy line.

    Love it!

    by Hamda

    This is my first extension purchase so I had alot of questions. customer service were very helpful and the delivery really REALLY fast.

    my hair is shoulder length so I got the 14 inchs 140gm one

    hair is thick and of good quality, clip-ons make it easy to apply.

    I felt it was maybe one shade darker then my own hair but mixes with it smoothly. don't be fooled by the numbers, 140 gms is ALOT of hair! I usually wear only half of it to give myself some volume.

    overall great value!

    Great quality hair

    by shanieciafields

    I purchased the 18inch 200g and I absolutely love it ! The hair is very full and soft and doesn't tangle. I get little to no shedding. I will definitely be ordering again !

    Best extensions ever!

    by celinecosta_

    These is by far my favourite hair extensions I've ever purchased. The hair is soft, thick and blends with my hair perfectly! It is true to length, and overall great quality.


    by meli707

    these extensions are really soft and thick..they really made a difference in my sisters hair.. used these on my sister for her wedding she was so happy


    by meli707

    really good extensions and no hair fell off ..1st extensions ever bought

    Good quality and the best!♡

    by brendapacheco15

    These extensions are perfect!! I love how they are thick and come with a tester! Mine matched my natural hair color perfectly. My natural hair color is dark brown almost close to black. Over all these extensions are soft, silky and there is hardly shedding. I recommend these to anybody! I love my irresistible me hair extensions! ♡

    LOVE!! (Natural Black, 200g, 18")

    by Haley

    I am so in love!! My hair is blonde at the moment but in a couple of days I'm dying it the same as my hair extensions (Natural Black) .. I am so excited! They're so soft and shiny, and they're so think too! I love love love them!!! Also, they shipped them on a Friday and received them on the Monday, that's crazy fast shipping.. Suuper happy :) :)

    Silky Touch 200G

    by Haley

    I just received mine in the mail yesterday! (Monday) and they were shipped on Friday. How insanely fast is that shipping?! Sheesh. But I am so in love with the colour (Natural Black, 200G, 18") it's like it has red undertones in it, its beautiful and so so so soft!!! The price is amazing for the quality. I AM IN LOOOVE!!

    A M A Z I N G !

    by Kelly

    Seriously amazing product !! has changed my life !

    More than I expected

    by MELVA

    I placed my order on Oct.27, it was shipped on Oct.29 and I received it today Oct. 31 ~~ Now that is great service! I also ordered the ponytail along with the clip ins. I love them both. The quality is excellent, and the craftmanship of putting them together is very well done. I wore the ponytail today and got compliments from friends. I love them and so glad I ordered from you. I will refer others to you... thanks!

    Great, great product!

    by Rosilind

    I am 7 months pregnant and was so used to perming, dying, and doing sew-ins, and my hair is damaged. Thanks to having insomnia due to my baby, I had nothing but time at night to research other hair care alternatives while still remaining cute, lol! With these extensions, I do to the Dominican Hair salon to get my hair blown out and style it myself with these extensions, and holy crap, they are THE BEST!!! Affordable, and the quality is A-1!!!

    Blends well. Good Product for the cost

    by Natalee

    It blends very well however I experience a significant amount of shedding and the wefts are not neatly constructed. For the cost it does its job. It's not layered so it for people with blunt/layered hair it will be obvious.


    by jessica30517

    I ordered the 18" 200g silky natural black extensions on Saturday night and received them today (Thursday)! The hair is really soft and the color looks natural - it's not completely black, there are some lighter strands which I like. My hair only hits mid-neck and it blends in perfectly. This set is super thick, I'm really glad I chose this one.

    Amazing but not perfect

    by Carolyn

    I bought the 18in 140g in 1b Natural black. My hair is cut straight with no layers. The hair of the extensions tapers off in the ends to look more natural but that just makes it more obvious where my blunt hair ends haha.

    But that's not a big problem because I LOVE how these look when I wave my hair! And can we talk about how much volume these give you? Talk about bombshell!

    Silky natural back

    by Tyisha

    I ordered the silky natural back clip ins I got the 200 gram set. I will say that I loved that the clip ins came in cute packeging and I also loved that there was a sections that I could test one of the clips out. The only think I didn't like about these clip ins is that some of the one clip and two clips were a little thinner that the other ones. But overall the set was really full and think just like my hair and that's what I loved about them.

    Great Investment!!

    by Amanda

    I am reaching my 30's and pregnant with my third child. Therefore, my hair is far from what it used to be like in my younger days.. I have never worn extensions before and usually shop on a beauty budget so I stepped outside my box and WOW! The shipping was super fast I feel like a new woman! VERY easy to use and they look natural and wonderful! Plus they stay in my thin hair really well when playing with my kiddos! I will be ordering more!

    Matched well with black relaxed hair!

    by Jennifer

    Quality hair washes/conditions we'll straightens bone straight. Holds curl well. Doesn't tangle!! I've had virgin hair that tangled but this doesn't. It does shed however. 4 pieces of hair have come out from the weft which I will email them about because I feel that's unacceptable but other than that I love this hair and will most likely order again. 1/5 of my head is shaved (the left side some) and I only need 6 pieces for a full look


    by Rocio

    I really liked them. These were the first high end extensions ive purchased and I am so happy. Very minimal shedding they are just so soft I actually just bought more I hope they come back as great as these.

    Amazing :)

    by Sonja

    This was my first time purchasing extensions especially at a cheap price but im absolutely in love. I ordered 200 grams because i have mixed hair, my friends couldn't tell the difference.


    by Karly

    Super fast shipping and quality packaging. I have worn them for two days now and could not be happier with them. When I initially brushed them there was a bit of fallout, but I have not experienced any more fallout and have brushed them several times since then. There seems to be almost too much hair to wear all at once and the hair blends into my own with no fuss at all.


    by Maria Elena

    I got my hair! You can not believe how beautiful and silky and so perfect hair this hair is I am in love thank you to beautyclove you tube channel for letting me know about this hair. Wow

    perfect for the price

    by Deana

    Omg so good! This was my first time buying hair extensions and i was a little skeptical of the quality as the pricing was so cheap but soon after my package had arrived i opened them up and they were amazingly soft.
    Very good quality. And i had done all of my homework on hair extensions, both quality, thickness and manageability.

    Amazing prices!

    by Allysha

    Great quality and best prices by far! Will order again! :)

    a great buy

    by Jasmine

    Hair feels very good! And only took 3 days. Ordered on Thursday and recieved hair on Tuesday! Will leave another review once I've used them for a while.

    200g is thick!

    by Mona

    I bought 200g of Remy Hair and cannot believe how thick and great value for money it is, very impressed and even better they arrived the same week.


    by Faith


    Great...at first

    by Irina

    They were great at first but after a few months they started to get tangled and matted. I thought I probably didn't take care of them very well so I bought a new pair and watched a bunch of videos on taking care of them . Fast toward two months later the hair looked pretty much the same. So at the beginning they are very beautiful, silky, and smooth, turned into something that looks like regular hair. Which I guess is pretty ok. But, maybe it's because I wore them almost everyday sine I got them and that's an awful lot.


    by Hannah

    Super fast Shipping and easy fitting these Clip Ins are fab and the hair is excellent quality.