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Diamond Hair Styler

$149 You Save: $45
Professional tourmaline flat iron with digital display and instant heat-up

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What you need to know

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The Diamond Professional Flat Iron is our next-generation, digital, SMART styling iron featuring unique DIAMOND Hi-Tech, which coats the floating ceramic plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline.  

The diamond and tourmaline technology will protect your hair and keep all the natural hair oils, color and moisture in, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and frizz free. The styling will last longer against air humidity and everyday stress.

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In terms of quality, our hair straightener is up there with ghd and NuMe, but at a considerable smaller price tag ($149 versus $200 for NuMe and $240 for ghd).

And that’s not all! The Diamond comes with an array of features that will make your life so much easier:

  • a 360° mobile cord that swivels around following your every move
  • a thumb print and cool tips for a steady grip and to avoid burning your fingers
  • all buttons are on the inside so you don't accidentally change the settings
  • shuts down automatically in 30 minutes
  • gets hot (450F/230C) really fast, in up to 15 seconds
  • intelligent heat display that lets you see the temperature all the time
  • it is super light and comes in a beautifully designed box with magnetic closing that you can use to store it
  • it automatically changes the temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on the supplied voltage, making it perfect for travelling
  • the 1'' floating plate self-adjusts, eliminating any pressure points, so that the iron can work through your hair smoothly without pulling


    Warranty: 1 year guarantee

    Made in Korea

    Customer Reviews (18)

    18 Reviews

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    by andreaoliveiradasilva.souza

    Confesso que me surpreendeu bastante, a Diamond tem tudo o que uma chapinha precisa pra deixar o cabelo liso ou cacheado, mais com saúde!!!
    Já virou minha queridinha, aposentei as outras chapinhas que eu tinha e agora eu só uso ela, eu sou cabeleireira e ela é perfeita pra fazer progressivas, estou encantando, como sempre mas uma vez vocês estão de parabéns.


    by Lorrainy

    Agora sou uma brasileira completa muito feliz responde todas as minhas expectativas.


    by Lisa20062004

    Even though I haven't actually received it today, I just want to comment that the shipping and delivery has been the fastest from all my online orders I've made. I placed my order on Friday, Monday was a holiday.. Delivery notice for Thursday. Tracking today it's already in my city and state! Well pleased and I doubt I will have anything negative to say about my product. This is my first ever flat-iron! (Where have I been? Fishing between locking my natural 4c hair or not).. I know I won't now :)


    by haley

    I have hair down to my waist and it is also super thick, i can straighten my hair with this styling tool and not have to straighten it again until I wash it! completely love it! I would buy it every time! it does everything is says it does and leaves your hair so soft and flowy, so so glad I got it!


    by noellemelnick

    this flat iron does everything it says, blown away


    by Elsa

    My flat iron came in the mail today and i was so excited to use it, over all its the best flat iron ive ever used, i have dyed and bleached my hair so many times, my hair is really fried, i love this iron so much i had it at 370 and it made my hair feel so soooo soft it felt like i never damaged my hair at all. there was not fried hair smell, my hair looked so sleek, and i only had to run it through my hair 1 time. My hair is so thick i would break hair bands on a regular basis, but omg im blown away. My younger sister has hair that is all the way passed her waist, it took me 7 minutes to straighten it. This is awesome im so happy to have this straightener.

    Amazing iron!

    by Charmaine

    I am obsessed with the way this iron works it's so effortless and this is the fastest iron I've ever used to straighten my hair! This is a must have hair tool for anybody into hair!


    by Leigh

    OMG! This hair straightener is fantastic! I have long thick hair and any other straightener usually makes my hair go wavy by the end of the day but this was just brilliant. I truly recommend it - and at good value $149.99, Even my sister who had GHD said these were Fab!

    I am in love!!!

    by Summer

    I got the flat iron recently and used it several times, and I am in love!!! Honestly, I can't even believe how incredibly it works and how soft and manageable my hair is afterwards. I have used a TON of flat irons, expensive ones, and none have worked like this one. I'm blown away, and am so excited that I decided to try it out! I know people will love it!

    Pretty darn good

    by Alexa

    Cute color and good quality flat iron. I haven't used it long enough to see if it damages my hair (though it says it doesn’t, in the manual). However every time I use it I get lots of compliments that my hair looks very silky and shiny.


    by Monica

    After having two pairs of GHDs break on me, I did a lot of research and finally settled on the Irresistible Me Diamond. It is AMAZING! My hair is soo frizzy thick and wavy and it make it so smooth and sleek and it lasts where as with GHDs after a few hours my hair would start going frizzy/wavy. I actually wake up the next day and it's still straight. They are pretty, come in a stylish box, have a long swivel chord, temp can be adjusted.

    Absolutely The Best Flat Iron!

    by Janey

    I own a small salon, and this replaced a $200 straightener I had been using. The difference feels like night and day! I LOVE my Diamond, and my clients are very pleased with the results!

    IMD visual review

    by MELVA

    I subscribe to Gabriella Janel Youtube and FB channels, and saw her use this product. I was so impressed with how it heated up fast, have cool points, the operating features are unique to me, not like other irons I've seen, and I LOVE the color and most of all how it straightened in one swipe [Love it]. I would like to WIN one of these.... thanks in advance!

    A little pricey, but a great iron.

    by Heather

    Great product - I love it! It used to take me an hour to straighten my hair but with the Diamond it only takes 15 minutes. I also love the waves I can make and the fact that my hair doesn't feel dry or damaged the day after.Heats up super fast. It is expensive but way better quality than what you get at the lower price points.

    So hi-tech, but easy to use

    by Naomi

    I absolutely love how this flat iron preformed and have been using it a ton on myself and to curl my Mom's hair. One of my favorite features of this straightener is that it heats up very quickly & I love how it shows the heat settings on the front. When I first opened the box and looked at the straightener I wondered how come there are no heat settings, but then when I plugged it in I seen the magic happen!! That is so hi-tech, I love it!! Another feature that I love is the heat resistant tips, this makes curling your hair much easier :) I also love how this straighter fits so nicely into the grove of my thumb. This flat iron definitely gave me more of a sleek/silky look and the size makes it perfect for curling hair in comparison to my conair and NuMe flat irons. This is a great flat iron & I would definitely highly recommend it.

    The best I've used

    by Shasha

    I just tried the flat iron, it is the best that I’ve ever used...I tried and worked with babyliss, remington, chi, ghd...but among them this is my all time fav flat iron now .it doesn't really burn or freeze my hair and after the whole day my hair is still straight and shiny ..Thank u so much

    It curls my hair too!

    by Maria

    Pros: Wide range of Heat Temperatures (the green LEDs that light up as the temp increases look very cool), you can turn it down to keep your hair in better condition. Adds body, the shine is amazing and hair feels soft and silky. Tourmaline & diamond coated plates make my hair is the best it's ever been. Have I mentioned it can also make curls?!
    Cons: None that I can tell for now.

    Amazing - had to try it to believe it

    by Danny

    I truly really liked the flat iron and liked many aspects of it. I liked how it was so light, I also found that the adjustable temperature is very handy because everyone has different types of hair, the small indentations it had to grasp the straightener, and what I liked the most was that it made my hair very silky, shinny and lasted pin straight the entire day. Overall this straightener is amazing and will recommending it to everybody I know.

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